— In the Shadow of the Waves —

Listening sessions over headphones of Dream territories

Inner wave /outer landscape
Depending on whether they are lying down or reclining in a lounge chair, a bed or deckchair in the countryside, the siesters are arranged in a daisy pattern, a line or an arc.The gaze floats between the landscape and the membrane of the eyelids.

80 headsets await the listeners.

A siesta in three parts
First there is the performance, which everyone listens to lying down, beginning with a live capture of the surrounding sounds. Then comes the introduction of sounds and voices inspired by the identity of the place, forming an instant sound composition.

And finally, listening to dream stories, which we have collected and reworked, edited and marked with a musical imprint to accompany the listeners on their dreamlike journey

Appeal for dream stories

Echoing the incentive to dream in the sound siestas, the duo Kristoff K.Roll (Carole Rieussec and JKristoff Camps) invite you to record your own memories of dreams, speaking into their microphone. The stories will then be edited, and the sound reworked. The dream story is what remains after waking up, or that lasts through the days and nights, forming a parallel life ... vestiges of the dream transformed by speech, memory, and the present.

The dream story is all the more valuable when it is full of details, when it encourages others to enter its domain, its own specific construction, its atmosphere. The collected dreams will be stored in a sound library of dream stories compiled by the Kristoff K.Roll duo at each encounter.

We invite you to send your dream stories in audio form to this email address: kristoffk.roll@free.fr or you can request a private sound recording by calling +33 (0) 6 85 58 11 64.

In the Shadow of the Waves: the library

…for a sound library of the sleeping world…

The library is multilingual, we can listen to stories of dreams worldwide.The library is not exhaustive, but unfinished, with an unusual system of classification, related to the qualities of phrasing, voice timbres or types of dreams.To embrace this heterogeneity, the duo collects stories at random as the opportunities arrive; it proposespaths that later merge with the substance of the voices.

The dreamer’s words emerge in an environment, a unique soundscape. This context, this sound geography, is captured by the duo in parallel with the recording of the dream story, searching the "cave of dreams", its sounding board.

The library asks the question: are dreams a mirror of the world or do they draw a parallel?

In resonance with the library

Some dream stories also structure the sound theatre piece "la bohemia electrónica… nunca duerme” a transdisciplinary stage piece, created in May 2015 at the International Festival Musique Action. For more information about this work: http://kristoffk.roll.free.fr/bohemia.htm

Thus the life cycle of these stories is multiple in the aesthetics of Kristoff K.Roll

The library of migrants’ dream stories

Deafened by the nightmare that migrants are living through and which is disfiguring Europe, the library of dream stories will set up in a camp: French (In Calais from 25th of May to 3 th of June 16), Greek, German… to allow migrants’ voices to emerge.

Like a document, a dream talks about the world.
Do dreams conjure up parallel lives?

Whether we gather nightmares or dreams of the future, these stories will carry the beauty of all the cultures, all the wandering voices. Mapping the languages of dreamers, recording all these phrases, taking up the momentum of dream stories. The library of dream stories would like to ingest these treasures, hidden yet close, that are perishing in Europe’s contempt and fear.

These dreams will come alive during the audio-speaking siestas, a public moment of restitution in the project A l’Ombre des Ondes (in the shadow of the waves).

A public poetic listening to migrants’ voices.

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Listening to a fragment (in french) of In the Shadow of the waves - La ville plate 9:18

A dream story (in Craote and English) - It's war - Maruska's dream story translated by herself 3:46

A dream story (in Dutch and English) - My grandmother's kiss - Vita's dream story translated by herself 2:04

Radio - France Culture - Les matins d’été - Itinéraire bis, by Émilie Chaudet 8:52

Les bibliothèques vivantes, programme soutenu par l'IF
Panorama in Bayssan

Frutillar - Chili 2019

Listening sessions over headphones of Dream territories
Festival d’automne à Paris

In the Shadow of the Waves in Metz - Report from France 3

Castries — Siesteurs
Metz — Jardin du centre Pompidou
Homps — Canal du midi
Duo Kristoff K.Roll — Live